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Land-like Experience at Sea

For commuter and cruise ferries, secure and reliable communications is critical for corporate operations, commuter connectivity and crew satisfaction.  Benefit from our worldwide operations, product innovation, round-the-clock technical support, and one of the world's most extensive global satellite and terrestrial broadband networks.

Solutions With Unparalleled Access and Value

We offer communication solutions that are reliable, secure and always available to keep vessels, passengers and crew connected — anywhere in the world. We know that service excellence and value are non-negotiable and provide solutions that generate revenue, minimize cost, maximize throughput and optimize operations.

MTN Nexus ecosystem delivers communications at sea by providing Access via a global hybrid network to Connect to a full range of rich content -- all on a common platform.

Internet Solutions

MTN delivers Internet services via Wi-Fi or in iCafés on vessels and land based stations. The next generation of the our Internet platform, Connect@Sea, offers significantly faster and more efficient connectivity Learn More>>

Crew Calling Solutions

Keeping in touch with family, friends and loved ones while away is often a challenge for crew members. MTN offers two convenient calling solutions, OceanPhone Mobile and OceanPhone®, so they can always be in touch. Learn More >>

Infotainment Solutions

No matter where you are in the world, gain access to broadcast-quality video and audio with MTN Entertainment solutions, MTN Worldwide TV and  OceanCast. Learn More >>