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For commuter and cruise ferries, secure and reliable communications is critical for corporate operations, commuter connectivity and crew satisfaction. While operators need to stay connected to headquarters, commuters need to keep in touch with home and work, or catch up on news and social media. Cruise ferries need to offer vacationers the same environment they have at a resort or at home, sharing experiences online in real time.

With MTN, a communications industry pioneer for more than three decades and provider to more than 700 vessels worldwide, you benefit from our worldwide operations, product innovation, round-the-clock technical support, and one of the world's most extensive global satellite and terrestrial broadband networks.

We offer communication services that are reliable, secure and always available to keep your vessels, passengers and crew connected — anywhere in the world.

Transforming Communications on Vessels

No one understands the requirements – and the expense – associated with satellite communications better than MTN. We know that service excellence and value are non-negotiable, as may be revenue generation. The traditional answer – increasing satellite bandwidth – no longer delivers on those marks.

That is precisely why we launched MTN Nexus™ in 2012. This next-generation communications ecosystem delivers innovations way outside the "bandwidth box" to minimize costs, maximize throughput and optimize operations.

Our partners are implementing on the MTN Nexus vision today and we are proud to once again pioneer complete transformation of the delivery of connectivity and content on vessels.