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For commuter and cruise ferries, secure and reliable communications is critical for corporate operations, commuter connectivity and crew satisfaction.  Benefit from our product innovation, round-the-clock technical support, and one of the world's most extensive global satellite and terrestrial broadband networks.

Solutions With Unparalleled Access and Value

We know that service excellence and value are non-negotiable and provide solutions that generate revenue, minimize cost, maximize throughput and optimize operations.

Our ecosystem delivers communications at sea by providing access via a global hybrid network to connect to a full range of rich content -- all on a common platform.








TV, Media and Entertainment

Multichannel programming over MTN-TV (SD and HD), wireless HD streaming and viewing over OceanCast, special-event broadcasting and more keep guests and crew entertained. Learn More >>








Internet and Wi-Fi

Get all the back- and front-end infrastructure to deliver bandwidth to onboard users and myriad devices. Features Connect@Sea, a platform for incremental onboard revenue services with the flexibility to offer multiple plans by usage, time and even location. Learn More>>


Voice Apps

Keep the crew connected to friends and family on vessel phones with OceanPhone™ or on their own devices with OceanPhone Mobile™. Learn More >>


Bandwidth Management and Vessel Tracking

Track vessel and fleet data in real time with Shiptracker™, and use other advanced management tools, combined with expertise from our skilled team, to balance and optimize your network.